Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Soft close cabinet hinges are cupboard hinges installed with a mechanical device that enables the cabinet to be closed without the door slamming into the frame. Since the soft close cabinet hinges promote a slower motion in opening and closing the door, they also eliminate the noise commonly found in other types of cupboard hinges. Even if you try to close the door, the soft close cabinet hinges would absorb the excess force and leave just enough energy to bring the door into contact with the frame, keeping the kitchen quiet while extending the look and lifespan of your cabinet doors. Our cupboard hinges can provide good performance for a lifetime of 100,000 cycles.

Soft close cabinet hinges will reduce wear on cabinets and hinges. They help minimize the stress placed on the cabinets when the cabinet doors are closed in a gentle way. In addition to this, soft close cabinet hinges prevent marks, cracks, and dents from forming on cabinet frames due to slammed doors,  extending their lifespan. With premium soft close cupboard hinges, you will be able to save a lot of time and money, as your cabinets will be protected.

The benefits of soft close cabinet hinges go beyond extending the life of the cabinet. Installing soft close cupboard hinges can provide you and your family with much-needed peace and quiet. When closing your cabinet door, it will close silently and will not disturb you with a violent sound. This feature works perfectly if your kids are used to closing cabinets with excessive force.

Soft close cabinet hinges are safer for users. Since they take some time to close your cabinets, they help prevent your fingers from getting hurt. With soft close cupboard hinges, you can make these injuries very unlikely to happen. When harshly closed, the fragile items inside may be damaged. With soft close cupboard hinges, you can be able to keep contents in place and prevent damage.





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