Cabinet Gas Springs

Cabinet gas springs are also called cabinet gas struts and gas spring lift supports. It is a kind of cabinet hardware accessory with functions such as support, buffering, braking, and angle adjustment. As the name suggests, these cabinet gas struts rely on pressurized gas along with some oil-based lubricant to support or resist a range of external forces. Compressed gas provides a controlled way to store and release energy as a smooth, cushioned motion, transmitted through sliding pistons and rods. The cabinet gas springs are used in the flip door of the hanging cabinets. KEA can provide you with reference information such as gas struts model, specifications, and pictures according to your needs.

Cabinet gas springs are long-lasting. In fact, they usually last longer than other types of springs. Other types of springs consist of metal coils and are used to make extension or compression springs. Over time, traditional springs such as these wear out and lose their ability to store energy. However, cabinet gas struts feature a gas-filled cylinder that protects them from premature wear and tear.

Unlike other types of springs, cabinet gas springs require little or no maintenance. The parts of the cabinet gas struts are enclosed in a cylinder, so maintaining cabinet gas struts is a breeze. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the parts, nor do you have to worry about oiling or lubricating them. With their self-enclosed design, cabinet gas struts are easy to maintain.

One of the benefits of cabinet gas springs is ergonomics. They are more ergonomic than traditional springs. When subjected to compressive forces, they produce a smooth action. The piston of the cabinet gas spring will simply retract into the cylinder. With this smooth action, cabinet gas struts are ergonomic.





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