Corner Cabinet Hinges

KEA's corner cabinet hinges are available in a variety of designs, opening angles, and dimensions, making them ideal for cabinets of all angles. Additional features such as clip-on and soft-close make corner cabinet door hinges easier to install and use. When you attempt to close your cabinet door with corner cabinet hinges, you’ll need to apply some pressure to push the door closed. When the door reaches a specific position, the corner cabinet door hinges take up facilitating it to slide into the closed position without a noise.

Not all cabinets open at the intersection of the frame and door. Although less common, some doors can be used as bi-fold doors. These doors sometimes fit into the corners of cabinets but are sometimes used to cover individual cabinet faces. Corner cabinet door hinges provide the range of movement required for these types of cabinet doors. They usually cover from the inside of one door to the inside of another and allow these doors to fold open or close.

One of the most important features of corner cabinet door hinges is the soft close. They close gently no matter how much force you apply to them. If you want some corner cabinet hinges that don't make a lot of noise and don't break easily, our soft close corner cabinet door hinges can meet your requirements.

The corner cabinet hinge is the main component connecting the cabinet and door panel. The quality of the corner cabinet door hinges is very important to the use of the cabinet. The hinge must be able to adapt to the humidity of the kitchen, soot, and many other factors, its quality is critical to the normal use and life of the cabinet. With copper and nickel plating, our corner cabinet hinges can pass 48 hours salt spray test, which effectively prevents rust.





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