Clip-on Hinges

KEA offers a wide range of cabinet hardware hinges, of which clip-on hinges are the easiest and quickest way to install without any tools. The clip-on soft close hinges are ideal for doors requiring multiple hinges to be fitted such as large cupboards. This is because you simply line the cabinet hardware hinges up with the mounting plate and push them on in one simple movement, they will then clip on to be connected to your mounting plate. They require very little alignment and make the job much easier when you have a few cabinet hardware hinges to fit.

Compared to regular ones, clip-on soft close hinges make your installation life easier. If you want to find the easiest and the quickest way to do it, clip-on hinges are the best fit for you. You don't need any extra tools to execute it. This process is ideal for furniture that requires multiple cabinet hardware hinges, such as large cabinets. The clip-on soft close hinges will easily clip on to be connected to your mounting plate. 

There will be situations when you do not have an option but to uninstall the cabinet door. It may be a change in interiors, or due to damage. Either way, you do not want to incur several scratches while replacing parts of your cabinets. Removal of the clip-on soft close hinges is easy as your installation process. With this type of cabinet hardware hinges, you can easily adjust or remove them.

Clip-on soft close hinges not only ensure quiet-closing doors don't slam shut, but they also help you strengthen and extend the life of your cabinets. Once you push its door, its hinge slowly pulls it closed. In addition, you do not have to worry whether your kids will be caught by your cabinet door by accident.





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