Furniture Cabinet Aluminum Frame Hinge (One-way) F12

Furniture Cabinet Aluminum Frame Hinge (One-way) F12

Type: furniture cabinet aluminum frame hinge

Application: kitchen, bathroom, home office, living room, bedroom, dining room etc.

Opening Angle: 105°

Drilling size on aluminum frame: Ø28mm

Width of aluminum profile: 19mm

Options of hinge cup: round head / square head

Hinge Cup: Zamak with nickel plating

Hinge Arm: Iron with nickel plating

Hinge Plate: Iron with nickel plating


PRODUCT Description

* Double Surface Plating

With copper and nickel plating, it can pass 48 hours salt spray test, which effectively prevent rust.

* Connection Parts in Hardness Processing

The connection parts in heat treated have high hardness, it can increase wear resistance, toughness and fatigue strength to extend hinge life.

* Large Adjustment Range, Big overlay

You can adjust the door position or remove the door even after installation, it is suitable for all kind of customized furniture.

* 3D Adjustment

Easily adjust cabinet door from six directions even after having door fixed to the panel.




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