Furniture Cabinet Door Hinge (Two-way) T16B

Furniture Cabinet Door Hinge (Two-way) T16B

Type: furniture soft closing cabinet hinge

Application: kitchen, bathroom, home office, living room, bedroom, dining room etc.

Opening Angle: 105°

Diameter of Hinge Cup: Ø35mm

Depth of Hinge Cup: 11.3mm

Door Thickness: 13-23mm

Door(K) Dimension: 3-7mm

Hole Pitch: 45mm / 48mm / 52mm

Hinge Cup: Iron with nickel plating

Hinge Arm: Iron with nickel plating

Hinge Plate: Iron with nickel plating


PRODUCT Description

* Independent Buffer Switch

Buffer on-off function can flexible combination of hinge functions to change the cabinet door closing speed as you like, effectively extends the service life, up to more than 80,000 times.

* Any-click System

Three-way (front, middle, back) quick mounting base for effortless installation.

* 3D Adjustment

Easily adjust cabinet door from six directions even after having door fixed to the panel.

* Mini Soft Closing Damper

The damper at the center of the hinge is helpful for closing door more smooth and avoiding damage to the cylinder by over-adjustment of the screw.

* Two-Force Design

Effectively bear the opening and closing force of the cabinet door, reduce the load strain of hinge cup during usage, and avoid the cabinet door from being damaged.

* Small Angle Buffer

There will be soft closing function when opening the cabinet door at 5 degrees, it can helpful to avoid hitting hands when closing door.




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