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  • Date:2022/02/23

In life, door hinges are widely used in furniture applications, such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and other spaces. It plays a linking role in the furniture cabinet and the cabinet door, and the high-quality furniture door hinge can improve the comfort of home. However, do you really know enough about the furniture hinges that we come into contact with every day and how to choose them? This guide will walk you through choosing a quality door hinge.


Keywords for Quality Furniture Door Hinge 

KEA T26 model

Based on the EU EN15570 testing standard, we strictly abide by the quality checkpoints in the R&D and design of all series of products, and summarize the keywords report through real test data samples. This series of real data will take you to explore the mysteries of high-quality furniture door hinges.


1. Anti-rust:Salt spray test


The salt spray test chamber

Test conducted: Corrosion test in artificial atmospheres-salt spray test with reference to EU testing standards.

 the hinge placed in the salt spray test chamber for 48 hours


The controller of salt spray test chamber

Test comparison:

 The comparison after the 48-hour salt spray test

Test results: KEA furniture door hinges remained intact after 48 hours of salt spray testing. Ordinary hinges became rust after 48 hours of salt spray test, poor anti-rust.


2. Safety: Overload test

Test conducted: Under the condition of a door in 5.5kg, perform EU level two horizontal static overload and vertical static overload tests.



20kg vertical static test: load the weight at a distance of 100mm from the hinge, and the door is opened and closed 10 times, 3 to 5 seconds for each time.



60N horizontal static overload test: on the horizontal center line 100mm away from the farthest edge of the hinge, apply a horizontal static load perpendicular to the door, measure 10 times, 10 seconds for each time.


Test comparison:


Test results: Under the condition of a door in 5.5kg, the EU Level 2 horizontal static overload and vertical static overload tests are carried out to meet the requirements that doors, hinges or other components must not fall off. KEA soft close door hinge with good load capacity passed the test.


3. Durability: Life test

Test conducted: EU durability test under the condition of a door in 7.5kg.


Test comparison:



Test results: under the condition of loading 5.5kg weight on a door in 7.5kg, KEA hinge can open and close more than 50,000 times, which is more than 10,000 times higher than the standard, while the ordinary hinge has only 16,652 times, which is far below the standard.


4. Mute: Noise test

Test conducted: Noise test under the condition of opening & closing door.


Opening & closing door tests were carried out at the same time for the hinge with cylinder and the hinge without cylinder.


Test comparison:


Test results: According to expert research, the optimal comfort level for the human ear is 20-40 decibels, and the sound of closing door with KEA soft close cupboard hinges is less than 10 decibels.


Through the above keywords, we learn that the composition of good quality cabinet hardware hinges combines various factors. The following is a brief summary of the generation scheme of a high-quality hinge.


1. Finishing

After the product is processed and formed, it is generally necessary to carry out surface treatment on the basic materials - galvanized, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, etc., to further increase the corrosion resistance and decorative effect of the product surface, thereby prolonging the life of the hinge under the role of decoration.


2. Product structure design

5 pieces of high-strength laminations are formed by one-piece stamping, which improves the stability of the product and greatly improves the bearing capacity of the product. Multi-piece three-dimensional molding, disperse the weight of the door panel to prevent the furniture cabinet door hinge from being deformed and damaged due to weight concentration, thereby extending the service life of the hinges.


3. Material selection

Choosing suitable materials for different environments. It is recommended to use stainless steel 304 material in humid space environment, and cold-rolled steel material is recommended for dry space environment.


4. Spring life + cylinder life

The life of the spring and cylinder determines the life of the product and the comfort of use.


5. Cylinder technology

Good hydraulic silent buffer damping, under the action of buffer damping, can make the door open and close silently to protect the cabinet, and it will look like new for a long time.


6. Product inspection

Use formal equipment to conduct product testing: 48-hour salt spray test, durability test, etc. We KEA have our own independent laboratory with complete testing equipment.



We have full confidence in making quality furniture door hinges. From R&D and design to finished product production, through decades of practice and accumulation, we have kept doing...




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