KEA New Arrival: MAXS 2.0 T26 Soft Close Door Hinge

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  • Date:2022/03/02

As a leader of quality manufacturing and technological innovation in the hardware industry, We KEA continue to invest heavily in research and development and upgrading of furniture cabinet door hinge. Following MAX1.0 T16B soft close door hinge, We KEA has launched new type MAX2.0 T26 in the recent year.

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MAXS 2.0 T26 any-click soft close cabinet door hinge with integrated mini in-built damper, independence buffer switch and three-way quick installation system can be great helpful to upgrade your cabinets and provide your cabinet doors with silent and effortless closing. It can also provide high stability and load bearing capacity while ensuring excellent performance for a lifetime of 100,000 cycles. And its innovative design is unique on the market attracting all eyes! This new soft close door hinge can be the appropriate solution for several cabinet applications in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms!


Product Highlights

*Independent Buffer Switch

One-click to open or close the hinge buffer function, which can effectively improve the failure of the cabinet door to close normally due to the excessive weight of the cabinet door. Meanwhile, buffer on-off can flexible combination of door hinge functions to control the closing speed as you like.

 soft close door hinge.jpg

*Mini Soft Closing Damper

New damper design is helpful for closing more smoothly and avoiding damage to the cylinder by over-adjustment of the screw. On the other hand, it can be great helpful to avoid the noise caused by touching the side of cabinet, and provide a quiet and comfortable living environment.


 soft close door hinge.jpg

* Innovative Patented Any-click System

Unlike the traditional one-way installation design of the base, MAX2.0 T26 soft close door hinge with three-way(front、middle、back )quick mounting base, allowing users to achieve effortless installation. It can greatly improve efficiency.



*One-shaped Plane Base

Symmetrical design of the base to achieve indiscriminate quick installation. There is no need to distinguish the front and rear of the base, and the base can be easily installed into hinge together by any direction. Even new users can easily install cabinet doors with this door hinge.


 soft close door hinge.jpg


*3D Adjustment Design

MAX2.0 T26 soft close door hinge with 3D adjustment design, which is helpful for users to easily adjust cabinet door from six directions even after having door fixed to the panel. More precise adjustment, shorter installation time.





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