Exquisite Product, Sharing Moment- A38 Big Angle Cabinet Hinge

  • By:KEA
  • Date:2022/09/28

*A38 hydraulic kitchen cabinet hinge with 155° large angle opening gives you a bigger view to see a bigger world ! The cabinet vision as far as possible, with the use of cabinet pulling basket, it will be more convenient for people to take things.

Angle Furniture Cabinet

*Adopt clip on mounting base, abandon the old tedious disassembly steps, direct press disassembly, quick installation with accurate adjustment, new user can become a veteran of the installation in seconds, and cabinet cleaning will be more convenient.

Angle Furniture Cabinet

*It is two-way cabinet door hinge which can help door free stop with 15degree small angle soft close, effectively bear the opening and closing force of the door, reduce the load strain of the hinge cup during usage, avoid the cabinet door from being hit, and protect the cabinet from being damaged.

Cabinet Hinges For Thick Doors
Cabinet Hinges For Thick Doors

*With high-strength steel plate structure, the spring will be not loose even long stretching, which effectively extends the service life.

Best Hinges For Wardrobe Doors

*High precision hydraulic cylinder with high density to avoid oil leakage, and the cylinder is with imported engineering plastics, pressure resistance is great helpful for avoiding furniture door hinge deforming.

Best Hinges For Wardrobe Doors

*Own curved large hinge cup head design, increase the force area to ensure the good loading, make it integrated with beauty and function.

*1.8 thick arm body with steel rivets, linkage movement, wear-resistant and anti-cracking, so you can use it more safely.

Best Hinges For Wardrobe Doors
Best Hinges For Wardrobe Doors

*Furniture door hinge A38 passed 48 hours neutral salt spray test, ISO 9227:2017 neutral salt spray test (NSS) as base testing standard, appearance rating of more than 9 levels. This door hinge is anti-rust & moistureproof.

*Durability opening and closing test up to 50,000 times, more reliable quality allows the cabinet door hinge to use for long time. 

Best Hinges For Wardrobe Doors
Best Hinges For Wardrobe Doors




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