Universal Hinge Series For Thick And Thin Door Style

  • By:KEA
  • Date:2022/12/02

In order to meet the market demand for higher quality, KEA Xiangxing keeps changing and optimizing the applicability of product data. This time, KEA Xiangxing brings you a new series of universal soft close hinges for thick and thin door panels.

Product Highlights

*Applicable to Multi Specification Door Pannels

The large value of side plate coverage data makes the door panel applicable to a wide range. You can choose 16-28mm thick and thin door panels according to your needs.

Aluminium Cabinet Door Hinges

*Large range of cup drilling margin

D series soft close hinges continued ∅35mm cup design and its side panel cover position data is better than ∅40mm cup. the maximum range supported of hinge cup opening margin is 3-9mm, which can perfectly cover 25mm side door panel. The 9mm cup drilling edge distance is 30% larger than the conventional drilling range data. So that 16-28mm thick and thin door panels can be applied.

Aluminium Cabinet Door Hinges

Gas Spring Hinges For Cabinets

* Two-way design

The positioning two-way design can make the cabinet door hover at opening angle in sections and solve the potential safety hazards of the noise and prying screw caused by the impact of the side door when the door with one-way cabinet hinge opens fully.

Gas Spring Hinges For Cabinets

*Passed 48 hours Salt Spray Test & 50000 Times Life Test

It is tested according to ISO 9227:2017 neutral salt spray test (NSS) and its appearance rating is above grade 9. And 50000 times of opening and closing test is according to EN15570:2008 standard, all passed the second level EU full test. The quality of durability test is guaranteed.

Cabinet Hinges For Thin Doors

Cabinet Hinges For Thin Doors

*Full range of hinge styles to meet different needs

There are full selections of hinge styles: inseparable type, detachable type and 3D adjustment quick installation type to meet various of custom needs. No matter which type of cabinet door hinges you are looking for, there is always a suitable one for you at KEA Xiangxing.

Cabinet Hinges For Thin Doors




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