The Difference Between Soft-Close and Self-Close Hinges

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Though most hinges for cabinet doors work in the same way, not all hinges are created equal. While many people don't think much about it, there are a number of advantages to selecting high-quality hinges for your cabinets.

After several years of constant usage, old or poorly made hinges may cause the door to snap shut, causing your door to become skewed or damaged. On the other hand, top-notch hinges improve your cabinets' functionality both immediately after installation and over time.

With its unique benefits, self-closing and soft-closing hinges are both excellent choices for remodeling your area and enhancing kitchen operation.

What Are Soft-Close Cabinet Hinges?

Soft-close cabinet hinges allow the cabinet door to "clip" in place about two inches before it closes, allowing the door to close against the cabinet frame slowly and gently.

The smallest amount of pressure applied to the door may cause it to strike the cabinet frame, making a squealing sound or, worse, breaking the door if the hinges are old or of low quality. The door could get distorted or have damage to its edges as a result of this frequent hit. This emphasizes how crucial it is to select high-quality hinges.

Soft-close cabinet hinges provide an extremely straightforward solution. Soft-close hinges absorb extra force, even when you try to slam the door shut, leaving just enough energy to bring the door into contact with the frame. Little sound insulators between the door and frame provide a gentler touch and prolong the life of the door, keeping the kitchen quiet.

What Are Self-Close Cabinet Hinges?

If your cabinet doors frequently open or if you have problems closing them, self-closing cabinet hinges could be a great choice. Weak hinges are frequently the cause of a door that is difficult to close, but even with brand-new hinges, you or your kid can be unintentionally leaving the door open. Self-closing hinges offer a straightforward solution by requiring a little amount of force to close the door.

A tiny spring included in self-closing cabinet hinges forces the door back into alignment with the cabinet frame. The door will fully close on its hinges when it is just two inches from closing. You don't need to use much force to close the cabinet, even with busy hands.

Soft-Close vs. Self-Close Cabinet Hinges

Selecting the right hinge for your home can be influenced by a number of factors, such as whether you want self-closing or soft-closing cabinet hinges.

For instance, some people may need more force to fully close doors with soft-close hinges because they are made to absorb force and prevent doors from crashing shut. This could present difficulties to some family members.

Nevertheless, self-closing cabinet hinges lack the noise-cancelling qualities of soft-closing hinges, which may cause problems in households with active families. Which choice is ideal for your family and house will ultimately determine the outcome, alternatively, you can select a hinge that offers the finest features from both alternatives.

Installation and Maintenance:

Soft-closing and self-closing hinge installation is an easy task that may be completed by anyone. You won't need much hardware, special equipment, or assistance to install either cabinet hinge in your house.

To install a self-closing hinge, you need to do the following:

  • Place hinges on cabinet doors
  • Mark where the screws need to be installed on the door
  • Use a screwdriver to screw the hinge into place
  • Adjust the self-closing mechanism to your liking
  • Tighten the hinge into place


To install a soft-close hinge, you need to do the following:

  • Install new hinges on cabinet doors
  • Drill out the three screws needed to secure the hinges to the cabinet frame
  • Attach hinges to the cabinet door
  • Adjust hinge
  • Test hinge, make sure the soft-close feature is working properly.

The Cost Comparison

Soft-close hinges are a little more expensive than self-close hinges and are regarded as high-end cabinet hardware. Some self-close and soft-close options, however, will need extra installation, which raises the total cost.

Make sure you have the tools and hardware necessary to install the hinges on your cabinets before making an investment in new cabinet hardware by carefully reading the installation instructions. In the long run, this will enable you to reduce expenses and save money.

Soft-Close Hinges Vs. Self-Close Hinges: Which is Best?

Soft-close and self-close hinges are both excellent choices for cabinet doors. Ultimately, it boils down to personal taste and the choice you believe would best fit your way of life.

Soft-close hinges are preferred by many people because they prevent slamming and pounding in the kitchen. However, self-closing hinges can produce a "thumping" sound when the cabinet is opened and closed, although they are still relatively quiet.

Additionally, soft-close hinges can raise the value of your house and prolong the life of your cabinets. This is something to consider whether you want to add upscale elements to your room or if you intend to sell your house soon.

Use High-Quality Cabinet Door Hinges from KEA

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If you have any questions about the features and benefits of hinges, please let us know. We're here to help you find the best cabinet door hinges for your project. Explore our extensive and exciting selection of cabinet door hinges today!




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