How to Install Soft-Close Cabinet Drawer Slides

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  • Date:2024/05/23

Soft-close cabinet drawer slides are an excellent choice if you've ever trapped your fingers in a closed drawer or simply hate the sound of drawers closing.

Soft-close cabinet drawer slides allow drawers to close gently and quietly without slamming shut. In order to provide a quiet and seamless closing, these slides include a dampening mechanism built in that reduces the drawer's movement towards the end of the closing cycle. They are inexpensive, simple to operate, and simple to install.

Soft-close drawer slide installation just takes an hour or less! Your kitchen will become calm and peaceful with their presence. To guarantee that soft-close drawer slides operate smoothly and are properly aligned, installation requires multiple procedures. Here's a comprehensive installation guide for them:

What You Need

Soft-close drawer slides

Mounting clips



Measuring tape



Step-by-Step Installation

Step 1: Remove Drawer and Hardware

Once the desired drawer has been completely emptied, take it out of the cabinet. The screws holding the current drawer slide to the drawer and the cabinet can be taken out using a screwdriver or drill.

Step 2: Install Drawer Slides

Place the drawer on its side, then flush the new slide with the bottom of the drawer, confirming that the small extension of the slide is in front of the drawer. Mark the location with a pencil, then screw the slider into place, pre-drilling if necessary. Flip the drawer over and repeat on the other side.

Step 3: Install Cabinet Slides

Pull the slide back on the drawer to release the clip and take out the cabinet part from the drawer in order to attach the cabinet hardware. Fasten the mounting clips onto both extremities of this section.

Step 4: Attach Clips

Using a screwdriver and a screw, fasten the face frame clip to the cabinet, predrilling holes if desired. Next, affix the back mounting clip to the cabinet box's back, making sure it is level before tightening the screw.

Step 5: Make Needed Adjustments

The drawer slides at the front and back of the box should be measured. Repeat on the other side after adjusting the screws as needed. Verify that everything is aligned by sliding the drawer into the slides. After making any last-minute adjustments, screw in the remaining screws.

Step 6: Final Check

Open and close the drawer several times to ensure the soft-close feature works correctly and the drawer slides smoothly.

 Tips for Installing Soft-Close Drawer Slides

  • Examine the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer thoroughly. The slides will be installed successfully and function as intended if you follow the installation instructions.
  • Make sure the slides are completely horizontal by using a level. Smooth opening and shutting is ensured by this.
  • Use a template or jig that the manufacturer provides to ensure perfect positioning, if one is not offered, you can construct one yourself or take exact measurements to help with installation.
  • Verify the accuracy of all measurements before drilling. Accurate installation can be ensured and errors can be minimized.

You may improve the longevity and functionality of your drawers by installing soft-close cabinet drawer slides by using these instructions and advice.




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