KEA Xiangxing | 2022 CIFM, Specialized Single Product, Driving Innovation

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  • Date:2022/07/30

The 4-day China Guangzhou International Furniture Machinery & Furntiure Raw Materials Fair (Interzum guangzhou) came to a successful conclusion at the China Import and Export Fair Complex (Pazhou Complex) in Guangzhou.

With the theme of "Specialized Single Product, Driving Innovation" this year, Xiangxing appeared at the exhibition with a new image this year

With more than 30 years of market experience, KEA Xiangxing conducts in-depth exchanges with customers on different tracks; the continuous iterative technological innovation gives the audience a different technical feast.

Xiangxing presented many new products at the exhibition, providing better door panel opening and closing solutions for the multi-space field. Improving user experience from technological innovation is the core value of the theme of this exhibition

MAX T Series | The ultimate in luxury

Xiangxing has been cultivating the high-end furniture door hinge field for many years and has been leading the development trend of high-quality functional hinges. The T26 hinge item on display is a breakthrough in technology barriers. One item has multiple patents, matching hardware products that are more in line with the light and minimalist style of furniture.

X Series | Good looking

Based on the understanding of the panel furniture market for many years, Xiangxing has made the best selection and research to match the supply of products and services exhibited at this exhibition. each product of X series is close to the needs of customers, both in terms of its looking and matching data, to maximize customer satisfaction, truly realizing a series matching multiple needs.

Precise matching, hardware "subtraction"

In addition to the annual technical iteration and update, Xiangxing is constantly optimizing and subtracting from the whole set of opening and closing system. According to the application scene demand precise positioning products, the mainstream home design style every year to effectively match. Seemingly simple single product, but can play a different pattern, which is also the result of Xiangxing after years of precipitation, with the market changes, at any time to make a rapid response.

During this exhibition, in addition to the update of image and products, KEA also brought a new member: Little K Lion (XIAO K SHI)! The name is derived from the pronunciation of "small case", the lion has strong enough power to express that no matter facing technical and market difficulties or not, for it, all are small cases, bringing everyone full of positive energy.

Finally, in the past year, the world is still under the shadow of the epidemic, and all industries have suffered losses and impacts to varying degrees. Even so, KEA has continued to develop to maintain progress and bring more surprises to our partners.




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