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  • Date:2019/07/11

From July 8-11, the 21st China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) ended successfully in the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex and Poly World Trade Expo Complex!

After 21 years of precipitation, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) has become the development vane of the home building materials industry, and it is also the "first show platform for champion companies" in the large home construction industry.

It is reported that the exhibition covers an area of 420000 square meters, attracting more than 2,100 domestic and foreign companies to compete on the same stage, and more than 200,000 professional visitors at home and abroad!



As one of the leading hinge technology innovation and standardization KEA Xiangxing continues the theme of "door hardware solution system". Make a strong appearance in the main venue, providing perfect solutions for smart home, mass customization and customized home.



The four-day Construction Expo takes space customization as the main line, and integrates the major theme with different subdivision positioning, such as mass customization, mass integration, suite customization, and all bathroom customization.

With the change of market demand, the large home furnishing industry is also constantly subdivided, with comprehensive supporting and professional technology leading the market.

KEA Xiangxing, as the backbone of the supply chain, has been providing perfect solutions for all kinds of hardware with the power of technology.





Integration of design and function: MAXS

As the main new product series in 2019, "MAXS” has a number of invention and practical patents.

Among them, "buffer switch" and "three-way quick installation card type" are the industry's first born for high-end home customization.

Multi-function of single product is a trend in the future. In addition to the improvement of core technology it is more important to effectively solve user pain points.

Solution of high extension door panel

Home storage space demand is growing, whether it is drawer type, laminate, or high stretch basket all play an important storage function.

The A38 large angle hinge is an important link to open this space. In addition to the large angle opening it is more perfect for load-bearing and greatly increases the use experience.



Free combination: angle hinge solution system

In the application of the actual home scene, there will be different corner areas, according to different application requirements for door panel combination.

KEA angle hinge system can solve all the above troubles, making home design easier and achieving all-round silent closing.




Extreme simplicity: glass, aluminum frame door panel solution system

The personalized home style is easier to highlight the owner's taste, and plays a decisive role in the creation of the indoor atmosphere.

The permeability of the glass and aluminum frame door panels gives full play to the minimalist and modern style.

Glass hinges and aluminum frame hinges are one of the essential features of KEA.





Thick door panel solution

Nowadays, furniture styles, accessories, and materials are becoming more and more diversified. In addition to the conventional door thickness, thick door panels are used for some style-biased requirements.

Thick door hinge can effectively solve the problem of 16-30mm door plate thickness, which is better than the conventional hinge.



Skywalker at home: Sliding door accessory system

In addition to opening and closing the door panel home application, in order to meet the functional requirements of the home space environment, a sliding door accessory system is derived.

"Skywalker” multi-function sliding door accessories can be used in wardrobes, TV cabinets, storage cabinets, etc. to achieve scene application solutions.




Comprehensive supporting solutions

The home furnishing design is flexible and changeable. According to different space planning, usage habits, and storage requirements, the extension and flip-up solutions are extended.

The drawer can be flexibly combined with the door panel, so that the space is no longer monotonous, and the storage space can be used more flexibly. The upturn support effectively utilizes the upper space of the wall, which further divides the space utility rate. 





In the future, science and technology continue to help, high-end home reform has set off a wave.

KEA Xiangxing is closely related to the door, and will endow the "door" with a new era mission and open the era of comfortable home furnishing. We will walk with the wonderful you all the way!




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